Driving value from genomics in Life Sciences


Monday October 28, 2019 10:00 AM CEST

Rising to the data challenge: Genomics can bring significant benefits to healthcare systems, by accelerating clinical research and drug development, personalizing treatment regimens, improving patient outcomes, and reducing the cost of care.

Genomic data, the most personal of all human data, is part of the overall explosion in health data, enabled by the exponential growth in computing power and the commercialization of wearable technologies.

In addition to the many benefits, the ability to gather and share personal, sensitive information, has a paradoxical dark side. This can be found in the form of challenging privacy requirements and Cyber Security risks, which often delay research, lowering the financial return on investment and damaging the brand reputation.

KPMG’s paper "Driving value from genomics in Life Sciences" discribes how Life Sciences companies can gather, analyze and use genomic data effectively, to accelerate clinical trials, improve treatment regimens, and demonstrate drug efficacy. But as the amount of data held expands exponentially, it brings with it significant challenges in gathering, storage and analysis, as well as ongoing considerations relating to privacy, reliability and security.

In this webinar, our experts dive deeper into this topic. Use the chance to discuss with them and ask questions.

Martin Rohrbach

Head of Life Sciences, KPMG Switzerland

Martin's comprehensive experience spans from advising multinational pharma companies to the upstream supply companies to startups and early phase development companies.

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Matthias Bossardt

Head of Cyber Security and Technology Risk, KPMG Switzerland

Matthias shapes the global digital economy by supporting his clients in managing (personal) data in a responsible, safe and secure way and in operating cyber resilient digital infrastructures. He works with organizations globally and from across sectors - particularly financial services, technology and telecommunications - to successfully navigate major transformation programs by managing cyber, information, privacy and technology risks.

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